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AT WORK: Tracie Hervy

Tracie Hervy is an artist and ceramicist based in Long Island City, New York.


Clara Diez is a Madrid-based artisanal cheese activist and founder of Formaje.

FINDING HOME: Mira Nakashima

Mira Nakashima, daughter of renowned woodworker George Nakashima, is an architect, designer, and leader of the Nakashima Foundation in New Hope, Pennsylvania.

RHYTHMS: Nitsa Citrine

Nitsa Citrine is a New Mexico and California-based interdisciplinary artist, alchemist, and creator and host of the podcast SOUNDFOOD.


RHYTHMS: Veronica Ortuño

Veronica Ortuño is the East Austin, Texas-based designer of Casa Veronica and creator of Las Cruxes.

Dancewear, Reinterpreted

A small editorial by Taipei-based photographer Hubert Yang.

Rhythms: Ophelia Mikkelson Jones

Ophelia Mikkelson Jones is an artist and photographer from Aotearoa, New Zealand.

FINDING HOME: Rocio Graves

Rocio Graves is a food alchemist, activist, food photographer and home gardener born and based in Mallorca.

Rhythms: Desirée Pais

Our latest Rhythms playlist comes from Desirée Pais, a writer, teacher, public speaker and the founder of

FINDING HOME: April Gargiulo

April Gargiulo, the founder and CEO of beauty brand Vintner’s Daughter, grew up in the wine-making world, where supreme emphasis is placed on a wine’s terroir, the ineffable sense of place a bottle embodies. 

Rhythms: Natalia Swarz

Our latest Rhythms playlist comes from Natalia Swarz, the founder of Hôtel Weekend, a destination for the modern and conscious traveler. 

Rhythms: Jobi Manson

Our first Rhythms playlist comes from Jobi Manson, an interdisciplinary artist working in neuroaesthetics and the landscapes of sound.

FINDING HOME: Chinatsu Doi

Author, chef, teacher and natural farmer, Chinatsu Doi, shares her journey of Finding Home.

RHYTHMS: Chelsea Jade

Musician Chelsea Jade shares a special Valentine's Day playlist for our latest installment of Rhythms.

RHYTHMS: Mandy Harris Williams

Mandy Harris Williams is a theorist, multimedia conceptual artist, writer, educator, radio host and internet/community academic.

RHYTHMS: Jen Monroe

Jen Monroe is a Brooklyn-based chef, artist, and music curator whose food project, Bad Taste, is committed to exploring new ways of thinking about food and consumption, approaching food as fantasy and as a transportive medium.


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