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Jobi Manson

exploring the sounds that define us

INTERVIEW: Shaina Mote Studio

PHOTOS BY: Jobi Manson

Each month we explore with our community the sounds that have defined us and shaped us into who we are today. This series of playlists encapsulate the multitudes within us and highlight our ever-evolving stories.

Our first Rhythms playlist comes from Jobi Manson, an interdisciplinary artist working in neuroaesthetics, the landscapes of sound, and elemental immersion.

Title: 5:48am

Inspiration: Driving north on the 101, the sun has not yet risen on the horizon. I am still dreaming, yet awakened by these rhythms, as I head towards the Ocean for a morning paddle. At this hour, everything begins to glow and the California mornings that I would imagine as a little girl have become my life.

Listen to 5:48am, a playlist by Jobi Manson


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