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Desirée Pais

exploring the sounds that define us

INTERVIEW: Shaina Mote Studio

PHOTOS BY: Carolyne Teston

Each month we explore with our community the sounds that have defined us and shaped us into who we are today. This series of playlists encapsulate the multitudes within us and highlight our ever-evolving stories.

Our latest Rhythms playlist comes from Desirée Pais, a writer, teacher, public speaker and the founder of Every month Desirée leads a month-long transformational program called Benshen Course, fusing meditation, goal setting, and daily accountability in a powerful container with hundreds of women joining from around the world. 

"Last year I went through a big loss that rocked my world. One of the ways I got through it was music. I would put music on and just walk for hours. Or ride the bike in the sun. I saw the city in a new light that I fell in love with New York all over again after 14 years here. This playlist is a morning to night rhythm. From the moment I push play after a cold shower to walking the Williamsburg bridge at sunset."


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