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AT HOME: Sissy Sainte-Marie

Stylist, consultant, and longtime Shaina Mote collaborator Sissy Sainte-Marie shares tips on how to wear the perennial classic Loire Top — now available in ​new colors and fabrics.
Shaina Mote — AT HOME: Sissy Sainte-Marie









A birthday party, a baby shower, a family brunch or almost any occasion that calls for a daytime celebration. Unless it’s a bbq. That would be tempting fate.






A white wrap top and crisp dark denim - good for a coffee date or just about anything, anywhere, anytime.














Sissy wears the <a href="" target="_blank">Loire Top Cupro</a> in Onyx

If (when) everything goes back to normal and I am doing showroom visits and client meetings again, this is an ensemble I would present myself in professionally.







I’d wear this to a casual gathering where I’d want my top and jeans to say I practice tasteful restraint & my animal print shoes to say I believe in individual expression and personal freedom.














This white top with linen shorts would be perfect for doing something touristy on a warm summer day like visiting a museum or enjoying a seaside champagne.






Sissy wears the <a href="" target="_blank">Loire Top Viscose Linen</a> in Crema

I’d wear this gorgeous blouse with sassy lime green mom jeans and ridiculously high heels to go window shopping to look at things I can’t afford on Rodeo Drive or to meet friends for cocktails in the evening.











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