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California Wildfires: How to Help

Shaina Mote — California Wildfires: How to Help

The devastating reports from the California wildfires have been heavy on our hearts this month — as Californians, we are mourning the losses within our community and working to extend a hand to help wherever we can.

Through the end of November we will be donating 30% of all online sales to send aid to California fire victims via the American Red Cross.

Our work is rooted in the awareness that we are part of a greater whole — now is the moment to express gratitude for what we have, the ability to help when we can, and optimism for the future. We hope that if you are able to aid in any way that these resources are useful for pointing you in the right direction to start:

How to Help, via The NY Times
See this article for a full list of organizations currently seeking donations and how they are used.

Charity Navigator
A tool for researching organizations dedicated to different causes

Image credit: Marissa Whitley

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