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Hinoki Bath Flakes


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Aromatic Japanese Hinoki Cypress chips. Simply submerge this bag into your bath and enjoy the calming aroma of Hinoki. 

These bath flakes are sustainably made from the recovered by-product of the Hinoki wood manufacturing process. Includes two pouches. 

Tosaryu was established in Kochi, Japan in 1970. Kochi is renowned for its high quality Hinoki (Japanese Cypress). The woodworkers of Tosaryu have perfected the art of “monotsukuri”, or the art of making things, by utilizing the features of the native Hinoki to enhance the quality and functionality of their products. By air-drying Hinoki wood for 3-6 months, the wood retains its fragrant, oil-rich, and sturdy composition, which is then used to create a variety of products from bath mats to incense. Tosaryu’s mission remains loyal to the forests and lakes around them as they master their art of woodwork. 

  • Japanese cypress hinoki 
  • Made in Japan

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SHAINA MOTE Hinoki Bath Flakes

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