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Fiori Scrunchie Salt Lyocell




An online and in-store exclusive, the Fiori Scrunchie is a single-layer oversized scrunchie made from leftover fabric scraps rescued from the cutting table.

Lyocell is a soft and strong fiber made from primarily eucalyptus wood pulp through a closed-loop process. Eucalyptus trees grow rapidly without artificial irrigation, gene manipulation, or synthetic pesticides, making it a better raw material for water consumption and pollution. Lyocell also has moisture wicking properties and good absorbency, meaning it absorbs and redirects moisture (i.e. sweat). As a result, fewer washings may be needed, further reducing the fashion footprint through water and energy savings from reduced laundering. At the end of its life, lyocell is biodegradable, contributing to a regenerative circular system and returning critical nutrients to soil.

  • 100% Lyocell
  • Spot treat to clean
  • Made in USA

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Fiori Scrunchie Salt Lyocell

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