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Creamy Clay Complexion Soap


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The Creamy Clay Complexion Soap from Binu Binu is a treatment bar for congested complexions in need of gentle, natural cleansing.

Super-loaded with a blend of ultra creamy mineral rich clays (Kaolin, Fuller’s Earth, Australian Beige Clay), this soap gently draws out impurities and offers superfine exfoliation to delicate facial skin. The creamy lather cleanses with naturally saponified plant oils, while ginseng botanical extract adds a further toning effect.

Binu Binu is a brand of modern soaps inspired by the ritual of the Korean public bath, a place free of vanity and inhibition and where generations are brought together in the simple act of cleansing. Their formulas are based on the idea of daily ritual, intergenerational bonding, and the infamous Korean scrub treatment “Seshin,” a vigorous, pragmatic and extremely effective exfoliating treatment that can be found at the baths. Binu Binu soaps use 100% natural plant botanical ingredients and essential oils, including a base of “boricha,” the Korean roasted barley tea which has a place in the household as important as water. All Binu Binu soaps are made by hand in small batches in their Toronto studio using the cold process method which retains the skin benefiting properties of natural oils. Binu Binu soaps are fragrance-free and do not contain palm oils, synthetic detergents, artificial colorants, parabens, sulfates, or animal products.Binu Binu’s signature bars are each hand-cut to form a monolithic cleansing block, adding a sculptural element to the bath.

  • 4 oz
  • For use on face


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Shaina Mote Binu Binu Creamy Clay Complexion Soap

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