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Meet Kayten

Artist Kayten Schmidt shares her thoughts on style
and selects her favorite Shaina Mote pieces

What qualities do you look for when purchasing a garment?

Is it itchy? That's maybe the biggest deciding factor. There is a magic moment when you know a garment is for you - it fits right, it feels right, and your heart flutters a little. I've also started asking myself if I want to wear it immediately.

Do you have one favorite go-to item in your closet?

Turtlenecks, high waisted trousers, flats by Martiniano or Manolo.

How would you describe your personal style?

Hopefully classic. Ageless. Coasting into old age with ease.

Is there any quality you'd like to see more of in the way women dress?

Oh yes, I won’t unleash the full wrath of it here... Intelligence. Thoughtfulness. Self-respect. Trendless-ness?

Any style advice or tips?

When in doubt, just wear all black. I know that has been said over and over, but I suspect it is still underused advice. You'll feel powerful when your outfit doesn't overpower you.
Flats and low heels are not the enemy.
Make up is for nighttime.
Eat your greens.

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