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Meet Dani

Milliner Dani Griffiths of Clyde offers style tips
and selects her favorite Shaina Mote pieces

What qualities do you look for when purchasing a garment?

First and foremost I focus on fit. No matter how much I like the look or design of a piece, if it doesn't fit just so, I have to pass on it. A long lasting fabrication and sew quality are also essential.

Do you have one favorite go-to item in your closet? Or one you cherish most?

The Shaina Mote Nin top is unlike anything I've ever seen. I wear it non stop.

I'm also fixated on trousers. I have a pair of Giorgio Armani trousers that have seen me through many years. They're smart looking yet so comfortable and a beautiful shade of green black.

How would you describe your personal style?

Balanced shapes. Elvira Hancock meets Vito Corleone.

Is there any quality you'd like to see more of in the way women dress?

I would like to see more unique expression from women. You know, authentic personal style rather than following the endless flow of trends. Social media seems to be altering dressing. I think people could use an unplug and would benefit greatly from spending more time within the sensual world.

Any style advice or tips?

If it doesn't bring you joy, get rid of it!

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