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All Shaina Mote pieces are designed, developed, and made in Los Angeles. We are dedicated to fair, American made production. From the company's inception in 2012, we have centered our ethos and practices around supporting the local economy and nurturing the trades and skills found within domestic garment manufacturing.

We have built a solid base of family-run contractors and local craftsmen with whom we work. They are responsible for the long-lasting construction of every piece of clothing that we make. Even special touches throughout the seasons such as pleating or dyeing are done locally. From perfect cutting of fabric to deliberate sewing and finishing with French seams, the collection is built to last by people we know personally.

Each Shaina Mote garment is made with attention and intention: every fabric is deliberately selected with care and consideration given to source, sustainability, and longevity.

Below, a list of current materials and their origins:


We wish lyocell could take on the properties of all fabrics! Made of sustainably-harvested eucalyptus trees, it is processed using minimal water in a closed-loop system where all waste is recaptured. It retains the comfort, breathability and longevity of cotton…without any of the waste.


Most of our knitwear is made of MicroModal, knitted in Los Angeles. Sustainably harvested beechwood trees need minimal environmental input to create a fabric that is incredibly soft, smooth, and luxurious … and still breathable.


Often associated with synthetics, this fiber is actually made of wood pulp from trees. Its characteristics allow it to be woven in a number of different ways that translate into a wide array of fabric options. We like the natural properties for the ease of wear and beautiful drape.


Our preferred supplier of denim is Cone Denim from North Carolina. This company is one of the few that remains after the flight of weaving machinery and expertise overseas several decades ago.


We use wool sparsely but when we do, it comes from a family-run mill in Italy that has been weaving cloth for decades.


Our knitwear is currently made with Peruvian yarns by a group of small, women-run workshops in Peru. It is their handiwork that creates the quality, lasting knitwear we offer within our collections.

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