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The Spring Collection — Articulations of Form

The Spring 2020 collection is an embrace of avant proportion, billowing form, the sensuality of curves and lines of the human figure. An obsessive attention to draping has always underwritten the collection, the art of which is at once meticulous and intuitive, an organic dance with the fabric.
Shaina Mote — The Spring Collection — Articulations of Form
Mark Borthwick, <i>Susan, Purple</i>, 1995



Edward Weston, <i>The White Iris</i>, 1921.



This season embraces these qualities, discovering apt metaphors in Imogen Cunningham’s iconic black and white portraits of botanical life and in the aesthetic tradition of figure drawing.



Jacques Henri Latigue, <i>Opio</i>, 1963 Imogen Cunningham, <i>Gertrude Gerrish,</i>, 1928

Inspired by these refined and bold articulations of form - at once unapologetically romantic and unyieldingly strong - Spring 2020 brings together pieces with built-in narrative, designed in a palette of the line’s signature earth neutrals punctuated by moments of palm, nasturtium, vibrant vermillion and piscine blue.

Imogen Cunningham, <i>Magnolia Bud</i>, 1920sEgon Schiele, <i>Weiblicher Torso in Unterwäsche und schwarzen Strümpfen</i>, 1917

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