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Rebecca Mapes

Rebecca Mapes is the Santa Fe-based designer of Winden, a line of considered accessories in sterling silver, gold, cellulose acetate, and assorted stones. With the launch of Winden hair accessories at Shaina Mote, Rebecca shared with us about reconnecting with nature after 10 years in New York City and the colors and shapes that inspire her.
Shaina Mote — Rebecca Mapes

Can you share more details on one act of “wellness” that brings you joy in its ritual — maybe a special tea, or a favorite walk, or another ritual that you use to come back to yourself?

Hiking with my dog. I think it's partially the combination of doing something that I enjoy while also doing something for my dog that makes this ritual bring me so much joy. I lived in New York for ten years and now live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I was a kid the last time I had such easy access to nature, spending time outside really does center me somehow.

What shapes, textures, and palettes encompass the sensory details of your present self?

Organic and oval, smooth and faceted, oxblood and terracotta.

Can you share a recipe or idea for a simple, healing meal that you make for yourself often?

I've been really into coffee smoothies for breakfast lately. I make one with oat milk, coffee, oats, one banana, one date, and almond butter.

At what moments are you the truest version of yourself?

When I'm with my sisters.


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