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LIVING: Anne-Victoire Lefèvre

Anne-Victoire Lefèvre is a Paris based creative and director of French shoe label Michel Vivien. We catch up with Lefèvre as she settles into her apartment to chat about her natural approach to beauty and daily personal practices. 
Shaina Mote — LIVING: Anne-Victoire Lefèvre



Do you have a morning ritual? If so, what does it consist of?

I start my morning with some stretches to release all the tensions in my body from being still all night. I then begin my morning beauty ritual: A spray of Avene thermal water wakes me up. I remove the night’s sebum with a cotton pad soaked in orange blossom toner, and apply Typology’s hyaluronic acid serum on the dry areas of my face. I use La Roche Posay’s anti-fatigue rehydrating concentrate, and Hydraphase day cream. Finally, a touch of Homeoplasmine on the lips. I generally do not wear any makeup. Afterwards, I drink a large cup of hot water with fresh lemon juice to detoxify my body and for a dose of vitamins. I check my emails while eating a savory breakfast with green tea.



Do you have any self care or beauty habits that you consistently practice?

I love to use a quartz roller if I feel puffy or had a bad night’s rest, but only after having placed it in the refrigerator. I start at the bottom of my face and massage upwards to tighten my skin and to depuff my eyes. It also helps my skin absorb my face creams. I use a lot of oils, serums, and vitamins according to the needs of my skin and body. I noticed that my skin changed during quarantine: It became much more dry and sensitive. I love natural products from Typology and Seasonly. I also started practicing face yoga to prevent the first signs of wrinkles, and to naturally tighten my face. It is a part of the body that we never think to exercise and yet, it needs to be strengthened just like the rest of the body. I can’t wait to get back to the gym (I like HIIT and pilates), once the dangers of covid have passed. I have a hard time working out at home, and need a trainer for motivation. I have recently started using silk pillowcases. I immediately noticed a difference in my face and hair. I am actually looking for a better pillow so that I can sleep in a healthy position. I am often hunched in front of my computer and I feel like my body needs rest. A good night's sleep is important, because it affects my morale, work productivity & appetite.



Describe your home in five words:

Atypical, parisian, unique, romantic, charming




Do you have personal practices for living or well-being that create a reduced environmental impact or are zero waste? (share a recipe, practice or how to)

I recycle everything that I can. I try to minimize my use of water ( like when I brush my teeth). I turn off appliances as soon as I finish using them to save energy. I try to be more mindful about paper waste ( At the office, I print as little as possible, and I buy refills for my home household products instead of buying new ones, which are generally packaged in plastic)... I am in no way perfect, but I try to do the best that I can. I think that if everyone tried to do better in their everyday life, it would make a real difference.


What is a project for home or living that you have recently started or finished? (share a how to, recipe, etc.)

During quarantine, I took on a massive home cleaning project because I really needed some change. Living in the same space for three months allowed me to reorganize everything in a more functional way. I now waste less time constantly ‘looking’ for things. I took care of everything I had been putting off for a long time, and I’ve enjoyed that feeling of satisfaction. I got rid of everything I no longer wanted, giving away or selling clothes and furniture. I am looking to replace them with pieces that reflect my current state of mind. I also bought flowers because they make me feel good, it’s often the finishing touch to a big cleaning project.


Anne-Victoire wears Loire Top in Cupro Onyx


What distracts you? How do you remain centered?

A problem with someone that I care about or appreciate, whether it be in my personal or professional life. I hate conflict, whether it is spoken or not. It really affects me, I am very sensitive. Because of this, I try to be as positive as possible and focus on my work. When I am stressed out, I perform breathing exercises. I focus on the air traveling through my body and down to my abdomen. It’s an effective way to relax and de-stress. My mom also taught me the Coué method, which is a practice of self improvement based on optimistic autosuggestion that I use as soon as I have doubts or need confidence. It really works!





Try as we might, humans will inevitably negatively affect the environment in some ways, both on a local and global scale. With this in mind what are some specific intentions and convictions that you hold close?

I have noticed our climate change, especially last summer with the heat wave, and the fires that ravaged our flora. And now, there’s this virus… All of this is due to our behavior! I think that water conservation is the most important issue because water is used in everything, including agriculture. I love eating meat, but I try to minimize my consumption even though it is very difficult. I try to purchase less and try to be more conscientious of where the products I buy come from. I try to be mindful of how my actions and choices make an impact on the environment.

How has your relationship with your immediate surroundings and the environment at large adapted or changed through the years?

I work in the fashion industry, shoes to be exact, and I think that it is necessary to be mindful in the choice of materials, packaging, the fabrication process etc… We must strive towards being better, and apply meaning to everything that we make, and then work towards achieving those goals. I think that tomorrow’s fashion must have a conscience in order to survive, and even though I am not perfect, I appreciate smaller brands, like yours, that try to change the fashion industry.



Anne-Victoire wears the Loire Top in Sage Linen



Describe a practice in living well that you admire from someone in your community.

I admire my mother. The most important thing in her life, besides her two daughters, is to cultivate a sense of well being. She always has good health advice, and has instilled in us the idea that it is essential to take care of yourself. To her, beauty is what you put in your body and on your skin. I was raised with very good instincts and I am proud of them. She prefers wearing vintage over buying anything new. There are never any taboos or judgements with her. Communication and an open mind are very important in our family. She is also the one who introduced me to the Coué method, which has helped me with all important decision making.

Share a well-loved family recipe:

My grandma’s stuffed tomatoes
Ingredients : 4 tomatoes, 400g sausage meat, 1 garlic clove, 1 onions, butter, salt and pepper

1. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees.
2. Wash your tomatoes.
3. Cut the tops off and empty the tomatoes
4. Collect and save the tomato juice.
5. Peel the onion and garlic clove.
6. Rinse and cut finely
7. Mix the onion, garlic, sausage meat, salt and pepper in a container to make your stuffing.
8. Gently stuff the tomatoes.
9. Put their hat back and put on each hat a knob of butter.
10. Butter a baking dish.
11. Arrange the tomatoes and put them in the oven.
12. Remove from the oven after 45 minutes.
13. Let cool for 15 minutes before serving.


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