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HOW TO STYLE: Patricia Lagmay

Our mission is to create timeless, responsibly produced pieces that can evolve with the needs of the modern woman.

In our 'How To Style' series we tapped Los Angeles based stylist, Patricia Lagmay for her tips on how to interpret our new exclusive style, the Loreto Trouser.  Patricia shares five ways to style this essential cut trouser below.
Shaina Mote — HOW TO STYLE: Patricia Lagmay


My favourite trousers are ones that masquerade as trousers but really feel like pyjamas. Hello.



 Patricia wears the <a href="">Loreto Trouser</a> in Onyx



I’m 5’2 but you’d never know by looking at this photo. Angles do wonders but so do these, amiright?? The last photo is me pretending to be in a small beachside town on a rainy Sunday. This photo is me pretending to be in a small beachside town for a wedding.




This outfit is dedicated to all the jumpsuit loyalists out there. DIY jumpsuit.






Once upon a time, meetings took place in person. If one called for business casual, I’d likely show up in this.





Self portraits (does this count as one?) are much more difficult to pull off than the internet makes it seem. All this to say that sometimes—most of the time—I feel sexiest in looser clothing. There’s an essay waiting to be written in there somewhere.



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