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Early Autumn in Puglia

There is something about the feeling of summer fading that carries a dramatic and nostalgic underpinning. In the southernmost part of Italy, in the “heel of the boot,” is a region known as “Apulia,” — this land in early autumn is in repose.
Shaina Mote — Early Autumn in Puglia

The main brunt of the tourists, having gone home for the summer, leave behind a pristine coastline and empty, stone cities in the interior. In this space, they can be quietly and meditatively explored.

The town of Capitolo

Travelling through Puglia in the early autumn, one can expect a mix of traces of the region's Greek, Norman, and Spanish past —  represented by twists and turns within the architecture of the region — along with nods to the modern world found in the the chintzy, 80’s hot pink motels on the coast and the sun-faded, elegant ivory homes spotting the coast of the Adriatic Sea.

Olive groves along the highway to OstuniTextures in Ostuni, "La Citta Biancha"

Moving inward to the mountains, through patches of Trullo-style homes, farmlands, monasteries, Masserias, and olive groves, expect fresh seaside air, towns from a distance that gleam like all-white palaces (namely, Ostuni, “La Citta Bianca”) and small town markets that sell a bitter orange soda called Chinotto and home made sandwiches with stracciatella, pistachio, anchovy, and squash blossoms.

Scenes from Matera, ItalyThe ancient cave dwellings in Matera date back to the Paleolithic Era.

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