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Design Philosophy: The Tie Dress

The tie dress is a breathing design.

Universal, Adaptable. Inspired by the wabi sabi ethos of transience and imperfection, the Tie Dress is a form that welcomes constant dialogue, perpetual play and lasting relevance.

Shaina Mote — Design Philosophy: The Tie Dress


The dress features deep cut arm holes, a scooped neck, and two long straps that can be tied to the front, to the back, or to one particular side. With the label intentionally sewn into the arm, the wearer becomes the designer - a versatility that's inherent to the shape no matter what your shape. When lying flat, the silhouette appears as a vessel or vase, invoking an openness and fluidity that gives the dress its distinct character. The fabric - a tencel twill that is sustainably harvested from eucalyptus trees - is breathable yet substantial.


The tie dress was our first design and it remains one of our most beloved. Experiment with its form and let it be a blank canvas to inspire your day or your night, season after season.




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