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Tiana Petrullo

Tiana Petrullo is a Los Angeles-based film photographer and designer/maker of handmade glass objects. She appreciates unfiltered expression, melding softness and structure, and invoking destigmatized conversation.

Tiana's photography and design work can be viewed on her website.

Shaina Mote — Tiana Petrullo

What shapes, textures, and palettes encompass the sensory details of your present self?  
I have been living in soft textiles and knitwear in varied shades of ivory. My view at home is of the art deco molding on my living room ceiling – hard lines with curved edges in a barely-there pink. I'm thinking a lot about what pairs well with gold. 







What is something you have loved for a long time? 
Reading. I've always reveled in the mental escape.




What is something you have recently rediscovered?  
Pencil to paper.










Please share the story behind a modern “talisman” you own — an object in your possession that you consider either a token of good luck or energy.
I created a wearable glass piece last year (the Transparency Pendant) that is symbolic of the importance of transparency around varying personal mental health experiences. Its purpose is to encourage unguarded dialogue and can act as a much-needed reminder to open up. It prompts me to get in touch with my underlying thoughts every time I wear or even see it.




Tiana wears the <a href="" target="_blank">Petit Top</a> in Palm and the <a href="" target="_blank">Loreto Trouser</a> in Camel 




At what moments are you the truest version of yourself?
When I'm alone or with my other half. Favorably: in nature, away from the material pressures of life in a city, and sans daily routine/obligations.







 What landscapes or places in nature are most resonant? Where do you feel the deepest connection with the outdoors?
Wide-open spaces where you can either see or touch the ocean, like a quiet, placid beach. Or there is a hike that my partner and I return to when visiting family up north – rolling grassy hills and a surrounding view of the bay. I like the freedom of an unimpeded view of the sky.







Can you share the story behind a meaningful garment you own — perhaps an heirloom, or something that feels weighted with a special significance?
Anything in my wardrobe that is timeless, beautifully-made and was created with minimal environmental impact. These sustainable concepts were never modeled for me growing up and it has been such a meaningful period of discovery to shift my own perception of consumption to align with ideas of both personal and environmental longevity. The garments that I've accumulated since then are what mean the most to me. When care and thought are put into the conception of a garment like this, it already carries a story. I love the things that I know I will have for years to come and can't wait to pass down to future generations.







The <a href="" target="_blank">Petit Top</a> in Palm 







Can you share more details on one act of “wellness” that brings you joy in its ritual — maybe a special tea, or a favorite walk, or another ritual that you use to come back to yourself?
Sometimes I get to a point where I just need a full body and mind refresh which comes in the form of dry brushing, a face masque, and reading in the bath.






 Can you share a recipe or idea for a simple, healing meal that you make for yourself often?
Lately, I have been loving sourdough bread topped with avocado, olive oil, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, salt, and pepper. Or I'll replace the avocado with sliced cherry tomatoes for a variation on a bruschetta. 






An etched Joseph Locke pitcher from <i>Art Glass Nouveau</i> 







 What books are you reading right now (or have read recently)?
Current: Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson. Last: From Heaven to Arcadia - The Sacred and The Profane in The Renaissance.






 What book(s) do you always recommend to friends?
In The Flo by Alisa Vitti. It's a little self-help-y but I think that all women can benefit from the knowledge about how much our hormonal imbalances can affect our mental and physical health. It's very eye-opening if you haven't been exposed to these concepts before.

An art book I continuously rediscover is Art Glass Nouveau - a book from the late 80's that a friend found for me at a used book store. It sits on a chair in my living room and is easy to walk right past, but when I stop to pick it up I am always inspired by different styles of glass making and want to create.






Tiana Wears the <a href="" target="_blank">Nin Top Viscose Linen</a> in Navy and the <a href="" target="_blank">Aya Trouser</a> in Navy 




 What music is in rotation for you this month?
None. I have been basking in silence lately or listening to sounds coming from open windows. Since screen time has increased to maintain relationships I have been preferring to be without the extra layer of stimulation.








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