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AT HOME: Jane Penny

Jane Penny is lead singer of 80's pop inspired, Montreal-based indie band TOPS. I Feel Alive, their new album debuted this spring.

We catch up with Jane during a hot summer day in Montreal. She shares with us some new discoveries and a mix of selects perfect for relaxation.
Shaina Mote — AT HOME: Jane Penny

What are you wanting to wear right now? Can you explain a bit about the current uniform you’re falling back on (or perhaps while in getting ready in these SM pieces what was going through your mind about the connection between garment and feeling...?)

I’ve been staying in Montreal for the past few months unexpectedly and I’ve had to build my summer wardrobe from scratch. I basically arrived with a carry-on suitcase full of winter clothes. Luckily I’m staying on a street with quite a few vintage stores and since they opened I’ve been able to get some really nice things, like the black dress I’m wearing in the photographs. I also found a pair of stretchy black velvet pants, I think maybe they’re dance pants, and I wear them every chance that I get, unless there’s a heat wave when I usually just have a silk slip on for days at a time. I’m very aware of how things feel on my body and these days it’s the only thing that matters to me. I’ve also been using the hair clip that I got from Shaina Mote pretty much daily to approximate the feeling of being completely bald, which is something I’ve been really craving in the heat. I also find that when I twist and clip up my hair while it’s drying it gives it a nice wave.

Jane wears the Oyster Hair Clamp

Five words that are describing how I’m feeling right now are…

Calm, dehydrated, groggy, coffee breath

A learning, mantra, or quotation that is resonating right now is…

I recently learned about the way that prison populations are counted as residents of the rural districts where they’re incarcerated, so while they themselves are unable to vote they actually strengthen the representation received by the surrounding rural population. It’s called “prison gerrymandering”. In nine states in the US people permanently lose their ability to vote once they’ve been convicted of a felony.

Right now, I’m making intentional decisions to...

Learn, eat cherries, write lyrics

Some weird things I’ve been doing this month include:

Slowly becoming a nudist, eating an ice cream sandwich almost every day, spraying water on my entire body to cool myself.


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