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AT HOME: Alexa de la Cruz

In our latest interview series, we explore themes of new growth in the stillness of the present moment.

For our first installment, we connected with jewelry designer Alexa de la Cruz from her home in Mexico City to discuss the sensory notes that are defining her current experience.
Shaina Mote — AT HOME: Alexa de la Cruz

Currently wearing. 

I am currently wearing soft cotton t-shirts. I love natural fabrics and the comfort they bring to the touch. It’s easy for me to breastfeed in shirts or blouses, as I can easily pull them up. That’s one of the reasons I immediately loved the SM Marin Tank. 







Making intentional decisions. 

Surrendering to everything that I have no control over. To feel everything but to observe my thoughts at the same time. Doing so always makes me feel calm and in control of my state of awareness. 




Alexa wears the <a href="" target="_blank">Marin Tank Organic Cotton</a> in Bone and the <a href="" target="_blank">Tulia Pant</a> in Camel




Scent and touch. 

I adore buying flowers for our home. Reminding me that spring is happening outside of our door. They bring such peace, just ~being~ with them and observing how alive but still they are. The clear cycles of birth, death and rebirth they offer visually, how beauty is always present in the different states is just magnificent to me. Nature is always my number one for comfort and bringing me back to myself.










How I’ve changed. 

Being grateful for everything. Knowing that what is presented in my life is only here to teach and for that I am always grateful. It’s not a “change” in my life but the feeling of gratitude is more present at the moment. 






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